E:66 Back from Atlantic City: A Zorkfest Trip Report

E:66 Back from Atlantic City: A Zorkfest Trip Report

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Opening Monologue

  • Cousin Vito and Cousin Mikey welcome everybody in for another exciting episode. Plus, lots of news and notes prior from Atlantic City.
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Zorkfest 2017 in Atlantic City 

  • The guys give their thoughts on a recent trip for Atlantic City for Zorkfest. Topics include; Caesars, Ballys, Borgata, PAi Gow, Craps, Scotch, and of course Zorkfest! 
  • From arriving on Thursday to gambling into Sunday Morning the guys share their DO AC experience 

Cousin Vito’s Pigskin Picks and Pigskin Pick’em

  • Cousin Vito and Mikey review last weeks picks and make some predictions leading into this weekend!

Patreon Update

  • This segment is sponsored by www.messagebottleco.com 
  • Vito updates everyone on the upcoming guests to finish out season 4!
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